skip to Main Content conforms to the Train Collectors Association for all scales (N, HO, OO, S, O, G) regarding grading standards. When you are reviewing your collection please consider the following.

Grading Scales

C1 Junk-parts value only
C2 Restoration required
C3 Poor- requires major body repair: heavily scratched, major rust, missing parts, major restoration candidate
C4 Fair-scratched: moderate, paint loss, dented, missing parts, surface rust, evidence of heavy use
C5 Good- sign of play wear: with scratches and minor paint loss, small dents, minor surface rust, evidence of heavy use
C6 Very good: minor scratches and paint nicks, minor spots of surface rust, free of dents, may have minor parts replaced
C7 Excellent-all original: minute scratches and paint nicks, no rust, no missing parts, no distortion of component parts
C8 Like New-complete all original: No rust, no missing parts, may show affects of being on display and/or age, may have been run
C9 Factory New-brand new: all original, unused, may evidence factory rubs and the slightest evidence of handling, shipping and having been test run at the factory
C10 Mint-brand new: all original, unused and unblemished

We strive to maintain this standard to ensure our clients (your buyers) are formally advised of condition. While grading is by appearance of the item, we strive to ensure we note the original boxes and the running ability. While we strive to not misrepresent an item we understand that human errors may occur. We take our listings seriously and will strive to have typos, errors, or omissions.


If you are considering sending a spreadsheet regarding your items please be sure to use the following abbreviations for our staff. If you need a form to be sent to you, don’t hesitate to send the request to

O/W = otherwise
WG = wide gauge
SG = standard gauge
pc or pcs = pieces
RP = reproduction or repaint
C = condition
GA = gauge
litho = lithographed
loco = locomotive
CI = cast iron

Please be sure to provide any additional details as this information is included with each auction lot description.

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