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Allied Rail Corporation handle a considerable amount of transactions regarding model trains every day. As a small business with a committed group of hobbyist themselves we ask that you be courteous to our team. To ensure a seamless and timely transaction we ask that you use the following guidelines to help us process your order quickly and correctly.

  1. Include auction item numbers with payment and with any correspondence. This will help us process your request quickly.
  2. We have can provide you with a payment form which may help your organize your purchases. Please ask a customer representative when you are on the line. Your receipt will also provide you with a total of your purchases
  3. Payment Address for Allied Rail Corporation and
    319 Linden Street
    Ludlow, Kentucky 41016

We do accepted payment methods including the following:

  • Personal Check
  • Money Order
  • Visa/Mastercard.
  1. Kentucky sales tax is 6%.
  2. As previously state Grading is/was done strictly and by appearance of the item, boxes and running ability. While de do strive to bench test all running items, we do NOT guarantee any item.
  3. Absolutely no returns are accepted on items graded C5 or lower and on items that have no grade.
  4. will not accept returns under any circumstances outside of 30 days. This does include any/all items that may be described differently due to new technologies or information. ARC/ makes all reasonable effort to represent authenticity, originality, and grade of items with maximum accuracy at the time of the sale.
  5. Payment for an auction item received fourteen (14) business days post auction date voids all rights to returns, for any reason. As stated in section 7, no item will be eligible for return After 30 days
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