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Commitment to Our Valued Members and Our Guests

At we are motivated and inspired every day by how our members and guests use our service to both help find and sell their railroad equipment or related items.

We appreciate the industry and know that it is not always affordable for every client. So, it’s our pleasure to serve railroad enthusiasts with our commitment to offer model trains and accessories while staying connected to what is most important to you as either a seller or buyer.

We know firsthand how much more convenient it is to bid on-line than it is to stay in hotel or traveling great distances to an auction house in hope that you are the winning bidder on a particular item. We’re confident that you will find this service not only convenient, but the best decision in buying or selling your model railroad or railroad related items.

Our Value Statement

Our staff have maintained an uncompromising dedication to the hobby for decades. We work hard to bring our consignors top dollar. Sure, you can take an offer with a reseller for cents on the dollar for a quick sale. Or, you can consign your items and agree on a price your comfortable with in selling your items. We make every effort to reach as many hobbyist and collectors as possible for our events. Focused on understanding the needs of our members and guests, we continue to be committed to delivering exceptional services and solutions that encompass the hobby. We will accept that no one or anything is perfect and will work with all interested parties to yield the best results to our ability.


Our mission is to support and promote the model railroad industry and enthusiast (new and experienced) through affordable products, innovative services while promoting and sustaining the industry through ongoing sales, education and preservation. We market our events using our extensive 2500 member email list, trade publications, corporate website and many other resources.

We offer state of the art presentation on all auction catalogs mailed to registered bidders. Our company provides insurance coverage for all consignors in addition to individual storage in prevention of co-mingling of items with other vendors. To ensure auctions are well attended we provided individualized mailing lists for all types of catalog auctions (ie. O Scale Prewar & Post War trains, Modern Era trains, American Flyer “S” Gage trains, Marx trains, HO, N & G scale trains) In addition to model trains and accessories we also accept railroadiana items (e.g. lanterns, switch stands, locks, uniforms, oilers etc.)

We provide email notification to over 2500 valid email addresses, as well as specialty trade publications and newsprint advertising for all auctions. Our commission rate is negotiable and are the best in the industry (17-21%) given the amount and type(s) of items of your consignment. We are always looking for quality model railroad or railroad type memorabilia. Of course, the better the condition of your collect the better return on investment. This would include – scenery, parts (new/broken), all scales of O, G, HO, N, Z, toys, parts, junk, track, etc.

Not sure where to start?

Please click on our contact us page and send us a quick note. A staff member will reach out to you either the same or next business day.

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